Things to consider when bringing a new Puppy Home

Please note the items listed below are suggestions. They are in no way mandatory for getting a puppy they are just helpful things to have if possible.  It will make your experience and transition home much more enjoyable

Travel/ Sleeping Crate/Kennel

Open Crate .jpeg

These are the different choices of kennels available.  I would suggest the one on the bottom as it is the one your puppy is already trained to sleeping in at this point.  


The one on the top would be a better choice when your puppy is older (safety issue with them being so small getting stuck in the small areas).


I would choose the size that has your puppy’s adult weight in the middle of the range (example if your puppy will be 15 lbs find a crate with a range of 10 to 25 lbs or close to that as possible)

A crate should never be used for daytime or confinement, only for sleeping and travelling.

Exercise Pen/ Area Training

Exercise pen.jpg

 This is a great idea for starting out with your puppy. It is a great training space and keeps everyone calm and the puppy learns faster!! they will learn to self soothe as a puppy and will learn boundaries, after 6-7 months you will be able to put the pen away for most puppies - if you are consistent with training. 

Dog Grooming Brush

Dog Brush.jpg

  If you can find one similar and make sure it has little rubber ends on the metal brush part, makes dog brushing much easer!! Does not need to be this exact one main thing is to find one that won't scratch the skin.  As they don't have the ability to create the thick undercoat for the colder months you will need to still be consistent with brushing.

Dog Harness/Collar

Walking harness.jpeg

This could be could be a key part to training you pup.  The harness should be quick to put on "pee" time is usually a rushed situation in the beginning.  

Harness is also important when you need to get your puppy out of a situation!!! instead of tugging on the neck area it will pull the main part of the body, much safer!!


Try to find one that is similar to this one;

First - for ease of  putting the harness on, one click and it is fastened

Second -  has a less chance or bacteria growing on any clothe parts, clothe harness have the ability to create bacteria unless you are diligent at washing them regularly try to find one like the photo.