New Raw Food 


80% meat/trimmings

10% organs (all chicken organs)

10% ground bone

1 lb -   

Chicken is the simple protein and easiest for transitioning dogs!!  


Our portion sizes are now 1 lb tubes.

Raw Beef Photo.jpeg


80% Beef/Bison meat, trimmings & blood

10% beef/bison organs

10% beef/bison ground bones

hemp seeds

1 lb -  

Beef can be a higher iron content protein and may take some time to adjust.

Our portion sizes are now  1 lb tubes

Raw Beef Photo.jpeg


80% whole ground turkey

10% organs

10% ground bone

hemp seed

1lb -  

Turkey can be a great alternative to dogs with Chicken allergies, easy digestible.

Our portion sizes are now 1lb tubes

Advanced Veggies

60% beef/bison/turkey meat trimmings

5% green tripe

5% beef/bison organs

5% ground bone

5% fish meal

20% veggies

Hemp seed

1lb - 

This is one loaded protein product, great for active dogs loaded with amazing nutrients.

 Our portion sizes are now 1lb tubes

Please note photo is only for reference, 

not actually veggies.