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The Scoop on Raw-Fed DOG Poop!!!!

Ever wonder if the scoop it true with Raw Fed dogs!!! Well I am here to clear a few things that we have noticed with our dogs on Raw Food!!

WAY WAY less POOOOOOP - are you tired of the spring poop yard, this might be one reason to switch to Raw. Our pups seem to poop way less and it turn to dust quickly and does not have the smell we have noticed compared to the smell from kibble.

We don't have blocked or anal glands that need constant cleaning, they seem to have harder consistency to poop which in turn seems to clear the anal glands, hardly ever are we having to monitor or clean anal glands

We very seldom have loose stool, or stick to the butt hair poop. More consistent pooping habits, they don't seem to want to eat their own poop either which was a problem when we fed kibble.

Weight control - our pups seems to be way healthier on Raw Food than Kibble we don't have over eaters, over weight or under weight dogs

Variety - we are not changing flavour every few months or monthly, they seem more settle in the simple few proteins that we feed - chicken, turkey, turkey & beef, chicken & beef, bison, and many more.

We don't get hot spots or skin issues any more, they seem to have amazing skin and fur on Raw food

There are many benefits to Raw Fed dogs but POOP seems to be a huge change in our pups. Have never had such amazing poop scooping days!!! can honestly say it is not an issue scooping sometimes with the winds they just fly away.!!!

Some things to watch for with Raw Fed dogs poop:

Chalky stool = too much bone, not a huge concern just cut back on the amount of bone content or like us the next order we find they go back, meaning sometimes the bone content in raw mixed may have had a bit more bone, not a concern!!!

Undigested bone pieces = too much bone and improper diet, it takes a few days for the stomach acids to build up and get up to speed with properly breaking down the bones, may take a few weeks for your dog to adjust to digestion when their stomachs have been on kibble for so long. It's kinda a recalibration of the stomach system, may take some time, but keep an eye on it!!!

Mucus Stool = normal reaction, the intestines will overproduce mucus to protect the tract from something different it will decrease as the system adjusts to raw food.

Bright Red Blood in the stool = a tiny bit of red blood is common with dogs new to raw food it is a reaction from the intestines adjusting to the raw food, should lessen as your dog adjusts with a few days.

Dark Red Blood = indication of a prolonged issue and will require IMMEDIATE VET ATTENTION.

Please note any of the above situation that cause you concern or last longer than a few days MAY require vet attention. Take the time to talk with your vet or someone who is qualified on Raw Food Diets

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