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Puppy Teething Timeline

Your Puppy "teething timeline guideline", not all puppies follow the "General Rules" but this is a guidelines to help you keep track and monitor things;

Birth - 2 Weeks - No teeth

2 - 4 Weeks - Incisors emerge, followed by premolars, molars and canines

5 - 8 Weeks - All 28 baby teeth are expected by this time, around 8 weeks the milk teeth should begin

falling out

12 - 16 Weeks - Adult teeth start to come in, pushing baby teeth out, provide chew toys to relieve pain

and discomfort.

6 months - Older All 42 permanent teeth should be in place.

Your puppy's baby teeth are exchanged for adult ones during the first six months of life. The above is a guideline and is not set in stone!!! for every puppy, different situations different growth patterns. At your puppy check up appointments your vet will watch closely for teething concerns.

Puppy teething can make biting worse, but your puppy also bites to play and they need to learn to be gentle with their mouth. Monitor the behaviour and make sure that "alpha dominance" does not become an issue.

Chewing is also a natural behaviour for teething puppies. It probably helps to relieve some of the discomfort in the puppy's mouth. It can also help loosen and help the puppy teeth to come out. Frozen chew toys, or hard pliable chew toys are good for helping them loosen the teeth at this stage. You most likely will not find or see these teeth as they are so small .

The best way to describe the pain to our younger children is "it is like having a mosquito bite, itches like crazy and causes frustration and pain" not that it is the same type of pain but helps our younger ones with the understanding and helps them find proper toys to chew and not their toys, or feet!!!

Teething is such a short stage in the larger picture of things but can be a very important part in the growth and proper development of your puppy.

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