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Fruits and Veggies Treat Training and adding to your dogs meals:

Many advocates promote adding fruits and veggies to our pets meals, we utilise they here also a treats, easy for puppy training as we chop them and freeze them utilising frozen treats for teething stages and proper diet!!!!

Cutting fruits and veggies into smaller sizes for treat training can be simple and can be pre-done so you always have treats ready for training. They are also nutritional for them and create a complete diet for our pets.

Depending on the size of your puppy will depend on the size you will use. Remember these are treats not MEALS so size can be important, when training sometimes it can take more that one piece (several pieces!!!!) you may over feed them and then in turn they will not eat a proper meal. So smaller sometimes can be safer and better in the beginning stages of training your puppy!!! Once they are older they can be a bit larger depending on your dog.

Always peel your veggies and fruit, most fruits and veggies unfortunately in our system will have a coating and possible some chemicals so it is always advisable to peel them!!! or wash them really well.

Seeds can be a concern in the beginning and some seeds can be very toxic for pets!! always do some research on the fruits and veggies that you are planning to utilise for treats or meal additives!!

Sizing is also very important as most puppy will eat very quickly, so making sure they are chewing them and not gulping them down!!! they will digest in the stomach but try to establish your own individual pups eating process!! This can be a concern with some breeds as they are quick eaters with no consideration to what they are eating!!!! Puppies can go thru growing spurts and you may find they have times of the day that they may be very hungry and gulp down treats.

Texture of Fruits and Veggies - some are soft and some are harder to chew!!! watch in the beginning with a new fruit or veggie that you introduce to your pet. Bananas can be soft and mushy so they tend to be messy!!! cucumber crispy and go down quickly, broccoli may be a tough chew in the beginning you may need to steam them a bit first. Always monitor your pet when introducing something new

Adding fruits and veggies to our pets meals, can be easy for puppy training as we chop them and freeze them utilising frozen treats for teething stages and proper diet!!!!! there are so many views and articles on fruits an veggies always do proper research from proper sites Dr. VET GOOGLE can be very dangerous, if ever in doubt contact Your Own Vet and ask their advice.

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