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Dew Claw Info

Dew Claws are those tiny little claws that are located on the inside of your dog's paws, upwards on the left from the ordinary toenails. They are not extra claws; they are actually extra toes.

Though it is also known as the thumb of your dog but, it is not as important as the thumb of a human being!!! These dew claws can help them run faster and can help when hunting prey!! Not that our pets would do this but it can be helpful in some situations. Some pets only have them on their back paws but some do have them on the front paws also.

The issue can be when they are not utilised constantly they become a bit of a concern, sometimes when walking or playing around areas they can become caught. This can lead to a visit to the vet for stitches or removal.

Most times they do not cause a concern for most dogs, if you dog frequents rough terrain and walks in wooded areas this may become a concern for them. Some vets will remove them during a spay or neuter but only if they are a concern.

Just natural trimming like their regular nails and maintenance is needed, but you may have to monitor them!! Most groomers neglect these nails and this can be a concern for your dog.

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