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Raw Food - Fasting??

Please remember all info provided is from my own personal experiences, research and though I am not a vet or vet tech, I can say from personal experience the info provided below is important and from reputable source. I have fasted my dogs with amazing results and have noticed an improved difference in them.

The Benefits of Fasting

your dog on a regular basis!!

Fasting “triggers” a dog’s body to metabolize fat and allowing for waste products that are stored in the fat to be released.

We need to create a strong immune system with our dogs. We fill our pets with vaccines, deworming, drug processed foods, many antibiotics that are in our meats, pesticides on the environment they are walking, sleeping and playing on, household cleaners that they are licking off their feet, back yard materials (mulch, plant fertilizers, planter filler materials and a host of others) with all these items their systems are so much more susceptible to disease and bugs of all kinds. Our pets live in the lower part of our world where most of the concerns grow or end up in.

80% of your dog’s immunity is found in their stomach, and the stomach is a very important part of our pet’s health.

Our dog’s intestinal tract has the ability to identify and destroy bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemical toxins and also has a built-in memory to recall the specific type of invader next time it is present in your pet’s system.

So, fasting and cleaning are essential for a pet’s strong immune system. Once the auto-immune system is compromised disorders like allergies, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, yeast overgrowth, liver disease.

Dogs whether they are wild and domestic have the ability to utilize either glucose or ketones as a fuel source; think of their bodies as being a hybrid automobile engine, they can use either gas or electric to move the vehicle.

Ketones are naturally produced energy molecules which occur from the breakdown of stored fat. Ketones are efficiently used by muscle tissue, the heart, eyes and other organs as an awesome fuel source when glucose is in short supply. Research shows ketones readily cross the blood/brain barrier to fuel the brain and in fact, may be the brain’s preferred fuel source.

Giving the body a break from constantly digesting and processing food not only restricts calories, which is linked to long-term health benefits, it improves mitochondrial function (produces the energy currency of the cell) and allows organs a chance to repair and restore function, and it sparks a process called autophagy, which allows the body to recycle and clean up cellular debris and waste that builds up over time.

When considering fasting please make sure

your pet is on a healthy diet.

If your dog is constantly digesting food, the immune system does not have the time or resources to stay in balance. Regular fasting can help the immune system detoxify years of toxic build-up and restore normal homeostatic balance.

There are many ways of fasting your dog;

Choose the method that makes you most comfortable, remember this is for the optimal health of your pet and only you know your pet the best and can make a proper decision on how they will react to Fasting.

Feeding early in the morning before you go for the day and then do not feed again till late at night allowing for a 12-14 hour window.


Feeding regular diet and once a week fasting for one whole day.


Feeding two meals between a 4-6 hour window and nothing for the rest of the 24 hour time frame.

Whichever way you choose make sure your dog has at access to water every day including the fasting day.

**** Cats, growing puppies, toy breed dogs, lactating females, old dogs, or dogs with health conditions you should not attempt fasting.****

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