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Is Raw Dog Food right for your dog!!

When I started my reseearch and wanted to find out why it was such a "taboooo topic" with some people, I quickly realized not everyone is cut out for raw and I totally understand this.

My experience in switching my dogs over was less than stellar I can honestly say!!! I looked at all the google info and was so overwhelmed by the different ways and info that I ended up doing it the WRONG way, had way too much confidence in reading and then figuring I knew how to do it!!!

After a few rought days, I knew exactly why people started and then have the "BLOW OUT" experience and STOP really quickly.

Not all raw food is created equal

Not all raw food has it all

Not all raw food is best for your dog

Not all raw food can be balanced

and making it yourself!!! that is a whole other conversation, it can be very overwhelming.

SO, if you want to see the benefit of feeding Raw some things you will notice:

Slow the aging - of your dog and have 17 to 19 years of productive healthy years with your dog, compared to 10-13 years on a processed food

Allergy Free - no more skin eruptions, ear infections, eye problems and auto-immune disorders, or allergies.

Enriches the bond - You will have a sense of relief that you have given your dog the best opportuntiy to a balanced diet and helps you feel you are doing the right thing

Healty gums and teeth - pink gums, clean teeth and fresh breath

Visits to the vet are less frequent - reducing your chronic health issues, and frequent vet visit for reoccuring health concerns will be much lower, in some cases none

Perfect Poop - no more cyrstals, stones, urinary tract infections, painful plugs or a vareity of infections from dehydrated and processed dog food

Boost their brain function - a clearer mental state, improved temperament, better behaviour for your dog and puppy making training more stable and lasting

No bad breath or foul gas - without the extra additives and extra digestion required for kibble you will find no more "wonderful gas smells" and bad breath is gone

Lower risk of heart disease - with proper diet and nutrition that is natural to thier system you will eliminate the risk of heart disease which leads to a shorter lifespan for your dog

Body systems are balanced - a system that runs properly on proper nutrition will not fall prey to health concerns like diabetes, and shorter existence for their life span.

Maximum nutritional advantage - when feeding raw balanced diet you will have proper proteins, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes for healthy bones, joints, brain function and development of the nervous system

SuperCharge their Immune System - helps your dogs immunes system become balanced, more powerful against disease and become very protective naturally.

Once you think of the above how can you not want to aleast give it an honest go!!

Next "Blog" will be on "how to know it is right" for your dog, habits, training, what to watch for, body weight.

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