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Dog Ears!!! Cleaning & Constant Care

We have had several emails and calls on this concern, and we have learned over the years it can be very costly to do the medications that keep these little pesky ear "buggers" at bay. So having done some deep research on what is a better and safer way more holistic for my dogs!!!

After learning a few things personally about Essential Oils we have used a several products personally and thought lets research oils for our pets. We have found amazing results with essential oils. We have utilized Medical products for a while and are literally tired of the re-occuring ear issues!!

So now we Clean the ear with a warm clothe or paper towel/kleenex , I use my pinkie finger and get in a close as I can. Then dry the ear with a soft kleenex making sure I get all the moisture, this part is crucial!!! dry ears are important.

With a bottle of Copiaba - (Young Living product) to a cotton swab, about 2-3 drops in each swab in each ear. Rub the base of the ear, the side of the ear and as far in the canal as you can comfortably for the dog. DO not use a qutip for this at all you could slip and damage the ear canal, cotton swabs are much safer. You can get other essential oils and other companies but sincerely we have tried several and these oils are by far the best and purest form, so there is no issue or concern in using them with pets or us.

You can start this product once a week and will move to once a month after a while, but make sure the ear is dry and clean before applying. If you notice a smell with the inner ear, clean and do the essential oils again eventually you will notice this lovely smell does not occur and they are not constantly scratching their ears.

Another good tip maybe to keep the inner ear are trimmed short less access for Bugs to catch onto and get into the ear, trim it close at the base and the actual ear flap. This will also help with cleaning and keeping the ear healthier!!

A dogs inner ear is a maze of canals and you can see from this photo how dirt, bugs and THINGS get in and cause the smell and constant scratching issues. This photo will also give you an idea or how far you can go with your finger and clean and still be safe, it may seem like a very delicate area and of course it is but you have some room to start cleaning properly and once you have done this treatment for a while you will notice a big difference in their behaviour and health. I truly cant imagine the pain, or frustration this must cause our little pets, not to mention what all these medical drops are actually doing to their system over the long run.!!!

If we can do one thing to create THIS happy comfy puppy then try these essential oils and create a healthy environment for you puppy.

Please note with very very severe cases of ear issues this may need medical care and attention, this is by no means a Medical conversation on ears that have had issues that are way past the point of essential oils. Seek medical advice for severe cases and do not take this advise as medical help in any way.

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