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May 31, 2016

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June 11, 2019

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The Great Deposit Debate on PUPPIES


The Great Debate

"Deposit Required to HOLD your Puppy"              We have been asked on several occasion if we require a deposit for our puppies?  


This has become a confusing debate and I feel for many people seeking to purchase a New puppy for their family one that causes unneeded Stress!!.


If you are looking at a puppy and have to place a deposit without even seeing the puppy RUN!!!!!!!,

If you are required to put a deposit prior to the puppy being seen by a vet  RUN!!!!!!


We have noticed the last little while it has become common practice for this on many website and for many breeders, 

my confusion is:

If you are breeding and need a deposit for YOUR TIME!!! why are you breeding.  IF you need to secure a sale Why are you breeding

IF you see a puppy on a site and they indicate they need a deposit to hold your dream puppy and it is only 2-3 weeks old??? my red flags would go up not sure about yours!!!

When a puppy has not even been seen by a vet to certify its health and had proper puppy shots, DO not give a deposit!!
So many things can go wrong and then you have to wait for a new puppy!!


Most sites say NON REFUNDABLE deposit???? my questions is why, why would you require a deposit if you breed for the LOVE OF ANIMALS.


In our 15 years of breeding we have never required a deposit and the reasoning that many sites indicate really confuse me.


HOWEVER. if you have seen the puppy and have viewed the kennel, the puppy has a certified copy of shots and vet health and you can not take the puppy right away then sure I can see this practice being utilized or if you have a Purebred that you are looking at and have done lots of research found a reputable breeder and want the first pick or specific litter I can also see this being good business, 

BUT really for reasons that seem to NOT put the care and love of a puppy first and foremost but the financial before all this, that is my debate.


When you are looking for a puppy, please take the time and


1.          Research the breeder,

2.          Make sure they use a vet, have a copy of the health certification and proper shots are given, and the name of the Vet

3.          What the breeding facility or home are like,

4.          Make sure you can see mom and dad of the litter

5.          How they react to your visit, if they indicate well I have 3 more families coming so you better decide, or they say I can take a deposit to hold the puppy, you should be able to go away and think about your puppy and consider all the changes involved without having the pressure of deciding right now!!!


Please please please make sure you do not fund people who do this for money, this is why breeding has become a scary place!! and unwanted puppies are becoming more and more, our facilities are overrun.  Care and attention to a precious animal should be first and foremost in our minds.

This is above our personal opinion and do not wish to hinder any one that is breeding and feels that deposits are what they need for the security of the sale!!. We only wish for the best of every breeder that puts their puppies first and controls the unwanted puppy population!!!

(please note I did not intend to offend or upset anyone just wanted make every puppy purchase a decision based on the puppy and its health first and foremost)

May GOD Bless everyone who is involved with breeding in every way that they may be at peace with their business decisions for the health and welfare of pets.


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