March 2016 New puppy 

       Our greatest pleasure....Just have to share our wonderful story, we chose by searching the website for a little friend puppy.  In my search found Country Home Kennels with the most beautiful little faces looking back at me.   Well, needless to say an enquiry or two and we were on our way from Medicine Hat to meet our new family member at Country Home Kennels.  We received a wonderful welcome from Linda, toured and met our wee one's mommy and daddy.  Everything was so clean and the friendly welcome made us feel very much at home.  We were given much information and friendly advice and then on our way with our new family member.  She travelled well from High River to Medicine Hat ,extremely well.   First night home just a little upset howling, but in no time at all settled into her new bed and has done so over these past days.  She is paper trained from the kennels, a few "oops" moments because we have allowed her the run of house, with her with little notice sometimes, but she looks at you so sweetly, who could be upset, like she tried to make the trip to her paper.  Our vet has examined and could not find a more healthier puppy.  The first training days at the kennels is showing up in our little one's new home.  At 10wks she is already responding to direction and discipline. Plays on her own very well but demands that cuddle loving time.  Very sociable with all our extended family.  These breeders most certainly know there business and have already recommended to others.  Sent pictures to the insurance gentleman in Seattle who has fallen  in love with our little joy.  Thank you for your love in caring like you do for breeding these wonderful little girls and boys. 


Ginnie and Don Mason Medicine Hat Alberta

     March 2016 


        Puppy's name appears to be Bug, I think my son Ryan and I finally agreed on that one. Bug adores Ryan and follows him everywhere and Ryan is crazy about him. Bug was very sociable and fit in right away with our other dogs. Malamute Issa adores him and has become a second mother to him. Papillon Layla loves him and they have become best buddies - they even wrestle and Layla is careful not to hurt him, they play constantly. Other dog Oreo is still getting used to him (she's a bit stand-offish). After my long stay in hospital, he has been good medicine for me. Overall Bug has a great personality and temperament, great with people and other dogs. 

~Take care, Rob


      We have a new addition to the family...
Our lovely dog left us 2.5 years ago and now...
we have a new baby thanks to Country Home Kennels.
Thank you Linda for the best puppy ever 

     Janine & Andrew

         A couple of weeks ago we adopted the most adorable cavapoo puppy from CH Kennels. Our little girl has a wonderful temperament: she loves to cuddle; is playful and at times mischievous; knows when to "ham it up" so that we're laughing at her antics and she is always loving. She has the kids wrapped around her little paw! We are grateful every day to have her as part of our family.

         For years my daughter had begged us for a dog but my son's allergy to dogs deterred us. Due to her persistence and constant "googling" on the internet she researched hypoallergenic dog breeds. After narrowing it down to a few breeds, I started looking for breeders. But that also presented a challenge. Many breeders were hours away or in another province and my son needed the opportunity to spend time with the puppies before we committed. In my search I was also discouraged by the long waiting lists for puppies; non-refundable deposit on a litter; and puppy application forms to assess the purchaser. And then, I came upon an ad for available cavapoo puppies from CH Kennels close to High River. It was Karma!!!

          After contacting Linda, owner of CH Kennels, she was very understanding of our situation and allowed us to spend time with the puppies in her home. It was love at first sight when she brought in the little caramel colored girl. However she suggested that we wait until the next morning before we decide, to see if my son would react later after contact with the puppies. She gave us a tour of the kennel and we noted that it was very clean, organized and well maintained. She takes very good care of her dogs and in return the dogs love her. 

       Thankfully it worked out for us, the entire process was stress-free and simple. When we picked up our puppy Linda spent time with us explaining everything we needed to know about raising her.  She is also very willing to answer any questions you may have after you take your puppy home. We feel confident that CH Kennels is a reputable and quality breeder of beautiful and healthy puppies! Thank you Linda!

December 2021

All I can say is once your family has decided to love a puppy for their lifetime, deciding on Country Home Kennels is the way to go.
Not having a clue how to begin the “searching for a puppy” process, I was shocked to learn how many scams there are out there. Not to mention, breeders, who are long gone once they’ve collected your money! From what I continue to learn from others is how lucky we were to ultimately decide to purchase a puppy from CHKennels.
Although I was impatient at the beginning, I can honestly say the breeder knew how much information to release and how to select the right puppy for us. Whether it was to do with our allergies or the temperament we were looking for, I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. CHKennels has continued to be a great support system. Yes, not only do they have a very informative website, but the breeders also give you quality time over the phone &/or are quick to answer texts.
Lastly, believe in their process. CHKennels truly sets you up for success. We have a very trainable dog who was sleeping through the night (9pm-7am) without a peep, with in 3 days. He was completely potty trained a weeks later. Thank you CHKennels!