Below are some questions that we ask our families when we are placing our puppies.  If you are interested please feel free to copy and paste to an email and send us the following info.


Your Preferences:

Boy or Girl?  Why?

What color?

Is it a surprise gift?

What energy level can you handle in a dog?

Is any one allergic to dogs?

Is everyone on board with adding a puppy to your home? 


Your Home:

How many adults are living in the home?

How many children and their ages?

Do your children have experience with pets?

Are there other pets? 

Do you know how to house/potty train it?


Your Puppy's Safety:

Have you had a dog before?

If you can no longer keep it, who will?

Have you ever given a pet away?

Have you ever trained a puppy?


And finally:

Are you ready to make 10-15 year commitment on this dog?

Do you have any questions about raising this puppy?

What is your timing for a puppy coming home? In a month?  6 months or later?

Please note these are general questions and we will have a phone conversation prior to puppy selection.