Our Story:

          Our Journey began when our children were small and our youngest was allergic to all types of pet dander and many many other things, which made it very difficult to even go and look at puppies.  After some research we found a puppy that he wasn't allergic to which was a Bichon Yorkie Puppy and that day started our journey.  Fast forward 20 years and we are still going strong.

         We currently only breed Cavapoos !!  we love these breeds as they are low maintenance, hypoallergenic, non shedding and can adapt easily to any home environment they are in from: elderly companions, walking buddy, tv watching partner, camping adventurers, they LOVE children, LOVE other dogs, Love other cats or hamsters, LOVE just being LOVED!!  


        We have found over the years breeding has taken a lot of unexpected turns creating environments in where puppies are being bred in substandard situations. We pride ourselves in research and always seeking advise from professionals.  Much of our success came from our vet, who took the time to come out review certain situations and advise us on how or what was the best way to change, or fix any concerns we felt we may have.  That in turn has made us a much more stable breeding facility for proper care of raising happy healthy puppies.

        Having the opportunity to show people that good breeders do exist and you can still find a quality puppy, is our biggest hope in our business.  


You can find on our page many great sections on "what you look for in a Breeder" "how to decide on which puppy is right for you"  General information on the specific breeds that we do along with good points and some health risks.  We will endeavor to make sure you have all the info you need to make the best informed decision on your new member for your family.


Mike & Linda