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Kenneling Info


         Looking for a warm, safe, clean,

fun, place with experienced care givers 

to take care of your

Cherished Family Pet.

Come and check us out    !!!

        We have space for dogs, creating a calming enjoyable environment for your Family Pet.  

We are a small specialized Pet Kennel we don't have hundreds of kennels just a select few with a more skilled and knowledgeable staff that care for your pets. Individual areas, large outdoor personal kennel runs and then a large play area for them.

           We want to make sure your Cherished Family Pet has as much fun here as you do on your holiday!!! or business trip!!!

$25 a night

For 1 Pet in our kennels just one simple Fee!!!!


         That's Right!!!!   only $25 a night, it a simple fee structure with no extra fees, we don't even charge for all those extras that all the other do WE JUST INCLUDE IT in our one price.


         Taking the time for "one on one time" "special care"  and "lots of fun"  which is our first priority, having over 16 years of experience with puppies and caring for smaller breeds we take the time to help them adjust and give them one on one time for no extra charge, and for any medical needs we provide the same NO Charge care.


       We can handle special diets, we LOVE "Fresh Food Diets" here, any special excercise care programs, help with any training concerns you may have and lots of extra Special LOVE time all at  "NO EXTRA CHARGE".


       Now if you have a 2nd pet the fee also simple: no extra funny fees, just a simple $40 a night if they stay in the same kennel and area!!!  For 3 dogs in the same Kennel and area will be $50(must be size appropriate).