Finn card.jpg

Mr. Finnigan:

Is just that a Mister, he is very smart, quick and a great poppa, very attentive in his duties and LOVES LOVES to run and Play

Weight = 14 lbs

Coat soft curl, not to tight but does take maintenance, he is a auburn brown colouring

He is a Toy Poodle


Mrs. Pepper


She is quite the 


She is Black Gray Merle Cavapoo.

Loves to dance and run around you for attention.

Weight = 15 lbs



Mrs. Talia

She is a stunning Tri-Colored Merle Cavapoo.

Very quiet and gentle soul.  Would rather go on a stroll than play with other dogs.  She has the true nature of a Cavalier breed.

Weight - 16lbs


Mrs. Daisy

Daisy is a purebred King Charles Cavalier and it the exact image you see here "give me a blanket and let me cuddle you"

She is a beautiful red coloring and has the temperament of an "angel"

Weight = 15lbs

Brady .jpg

Mrs. Brady

She is a stunning Red Cavapoo with a soft wavy coat.  Very quiet little momma and absolutely loves to be a momma, she is the best momma every when it comes to care and love of her babies.  

She is a Red Cavapoo.

Weight 14 lbs

Mrs. Addison

Similar traits as to Brady. But if given the chance she loves to run and play!!! She has a very soft wavy coat. More traits of the Poodle than the Cavalier so she has lots of LIFE

She is a Red/White Cavapoo.

Weight = 13 lbs



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