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Established in 2001

Creating an environment that is safe for your family pets, so they feel comfortable

and have as little anxiety as possible.


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Individual Outdoor Runs

Lots of outdoor area for your dog individually

Our runs are designed to create the least amount of stress! NO chain link fencing in between each run - which may cause territorial running, or anxiety for a dog that is not used to being in a kennel.  They have access to their indoor area and outdoor area all day long as they wish.

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Indoor Areas

Each dog has its own inside space

Each dog will have its own individual area for personal items that make them feel as close to home as they can. They can access outside individual areas of their own, with no stress of sharing!!!

We are always on Site

Your dog is never alone here!!!

Your dog WILL NEVER be in a crate here!!!

Our kennel does not crate your dog ever, does not let the out for a free for all play time, they are always monitored!!  Our play time is with us out with them and enjoying quality play time.  If they want alone play time or group, we allow your dog to decide.  We have onsite cameras, so we can monitor them in all situation, air conditioned inside, covered outdoor individual run areas, so they are never alone in the elements of the weather

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We are a ONE - Fee Simple Kennel

$25 a night for  one dog/ $40 for two dogs

(that are in the same Kennel)

No extra fees for - raw feeding, extra walks,

meds, extra feedings -

we do not charge for extra anything!!!

it is all included in your fee.

Hours : Monday - Friday 8am-7pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: Noon-4pm 

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